UK Muslim Getaways

UK Muslim Getaways
UK Muslim Getaways
We offer holiday experiences in harmony with Islam. Our UK Getaway packages are not just a break away from daily stresses, but we always aim to strengthen and restore your Imaan by visiting natural and scenic locations enabling you to take in the beautiful surroundings and landscapes and reflect upon the blessings of Allah with your families and loved ones, whilst also giving couples the platform and time to re-connect with each other.

Established Since April 2016

Our family-owned business, rose to prominence after it became increasingly difficult to find any Halal Friendly Holidays in the UK. Drawing from our personal experiences and struggles to find suitable halal packages in the UK we came to realise putting together our own unique holiday packages catering to Islamic needs was the only way forward.

In April 2016 our first halal friendly holiday was launched which catered to a group of family and friends in the Lake District. Since then, we have gone from providing packaged halal holidays in the UK to also providing halal holidays abroad and holiday homes in the UK, setting a new pathway and delivering services that were seriously in need.

Our success is concealed by the unique packages we offer.
Each destination is specifically hand-picked for you and your family. We are your experts in travel and have personally vacated at all the UK holidays on offer so we have first-hand knowledge of each resort, as well as the facilities and services provided. Whether you choose from a relaxing spa weekend break or a fun packed family getaway you can be reassured your holidays are guaranteed to always cater and include Islamic principles. Some packages we offer are:

Family Holidays
Couples Retreats
Activity Holidays
Spa Breaks
Bespoke Packages
Brothers Breaks
Umra & Hajj Packages

Travel to Malaysia, Turkey, Indonesia, Morocco, or Jordon. These are just a few of the many destinations on offer at Uk Muslim Getaways. All our halal holiday packages abroad have been put together using our experience, knowledge and expert planning to ensure your travel and time abroad is free from worry and always caters to your Islamic ethics.

UK Muslim Getaways
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