Flora “Farah” Tavu

Flora “Farah” Tavu
Flora “Farah” Tavu
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FARAH • Graphique is a website where Farah features her project, ParaGraphic Journal, a collaborative about Creative Writing; updates on her Writings-In-Progress and ventures with Self-Publishing. She also blogs regular aphorisms or some random ramblings.

Flora “Farah” Tavu is a writer and self-published author of a collection of short stories and poems, Moments of Nil. She attributes to her experiences in both corporate and education, a variety of skills and a belief system which helps her make her own mark as the independent creative she had always wanted to be. Farah is available for any writing and web development projects, for anyone in the Writing/Publishing industry.


Paragraphic is a journal conceived specifically for writers by writers to encourage a supportive stance on the ever-changing online technoverse, so that it may not only ease but inspire aspiring writers in pursuing the publishing of their work.


We offer web design for anyone in the Writing/Publishing industry: writer, author, editor, publisher, book illustrator, beta reader, etc.
We also include a range of contractual services such as written content as well as domain and web support after development.

Visit the website for more information about offered services or send us a project proposal.

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