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Rush To Success
Prayer is better than sleep

As Salam o Alaikum Wa Rehmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu.

Rush to Success

is about directing one’s hopes or ambitions towards becoming a specified type of person. By Keeping in mind, Allah azza wa jal has mentioned in Quran

“And whatever good you put forward for yourselves you will find it with Allah.”

[al-Muzzammil: 20]
O Allah guide us to the sound path and increase us in Higher level of Iman, Taqwa, and Sabr.


Through My Rose Tinged Glasses

Through my rose-tinged glasses is a lifestyle blog. This blog provides you with a forthright view based on my personal experiences!

Sri Lanka
Umm Ruqaiya
Life & it's Perspective of a Fragile Vessel.

From "Kitchen Diaries" to "Tips on dealing with in laws" to "Poetry" - my blog is a khichdi (a dish) but with spices. I use my blog as a platform to share my opinions. Any topic that interests me or any thought that irritates me or any subject that is shushed away under the rug - makes its way to my blog. While I hold not much in terms of secular education, life and it's experiences have made me who I am today.

United States of America (USA)
The World is Their Classroom
, ,
Home Education Journey

I home educate my five children ages 13, 11, 8, 5 & 2 who have never been to school.
BA(hons) English Language & Literature
Follow us on Instagram @theworldistheirclassroom

United Kingdom (UK)
Voice of Salam
#humanrights #interfaith #peace #anti-extremism #humanity

Voice of Salam is a global platform to raise awareness of a range of social, political, human rights and interfaith issues and give advice about campaigning.

United Kingdom (UK)
Is it ready yet ?
A mum eating her way around the world, on a mission to find the best halal family-friendly restaurants

I am Sara and currently on extended maternity leave. I am wife to Mr S, Mum to crazy boys A & Z and a bouncing baby girl M.
I have decided to write about one of my passions; food. My ramblings will mainly be about what my family eat, our recipes and reviews of halal joints with an emphasis on how family friendly they are.

United Kingdom (UK)
RG30 6AG

About dentistry, health, inspiration, pouring out personal thoughts

Ramshaa Rose
Ramshaa Rose, a Muslim lifestyle blogger in her early twenties based in Sunderland, England. Trying to raise more awareness over real-life situations and trying to bring out your inner beauty.

A blog about self-discovery, awareness and positivity. Letting go of the negativity and bad vibes allowing each other to grow stronger together. A Muslim social media influencer for the younger generation.

United Kingdom (UK)
Untouched By Fire
When the world is tearing apart, a sprinkle of light is all we need…

This blog aims to nurture and help Muslims re-connect with Islam and the Qur'an, inspirig them through reflections, experiences and lessons from the Qur'an. Its main focus is to create a place where people can find themselves ponder, think and reflect over how and what it means to keep their heart alive.

United Kingdom (UK)
A Muslim Home School
Free printable resources and articles related to home school, education and Muslim family life.

The blog started out originally as "diary of a Muslim home-school" back in March 2011.
What started as the documentation of personal experiences from a home educator more than 6 years ago, has evolved into a means to share educational resources and articles relating to education and Muslim family life.

Following this new direction, the blog was re-launched under the name A Muslim Home School, a year or so later, reflecting a less personal story per se and focusing instead on sharing resources, learning ideas and musings around home education and family.

You will find free educational and planning printables, children's projects that might inspire, as well as articles and reflections around home schooling, parenting and family.

I felt there was a lack of suitable resources to use with my children, particularly Islamic material that was of good quality and authentic. I found that producing what I needed gave me exactly what I wanted...and cheap!

The resources and articles shared, are for the most part, things which I have done, used or created for my own children, which perhaps will be of use to others also inshallah.

United Kingdom (UK)
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